A kids friendly resort

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I am looking for a place to have a bit of holiday with my 4yr old boy in Egypt.
Friendly , safe with fun activities for kids and hopefully with direct transportation . You know how restless kids get.
Pls also advice on best time of the year to go.
Many thx.


If Hurghada is fine with you, then the answer is Steigenberger ElDau beach

It's a paradise for the little ones, a designated kids area full of
activities (arts, drawing, reading, videos, ..etc.), a heated swimming pool
for the kids, they even swimming tutor for +1 years old

They also have some creative activities on the afternoons, things like
collecting stones from the beach and so on J

Baby-sitting facility can be offered but you need to notify them in advance.

We had a nice vacation there lately (me, wife and 1.5 years old kid) and it
was really great.

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