How to Issue International Driving License in Egypt

Submitted by Mabrouk on Tue, 2010/08/03 - 2:36pm

It’s super easy.

First Step

Go to Traffic Administration in  Nasr City (Arabic: Edaret Elmorour El3ama  or  ادارة المرور العامة) that is right next to Mosque of Rabea elAdaweya (Arabic: جامع رابعة العدوية) and issue a slip of paper from them that you

How to handle Canon EOS error99

Submitted by 1913war on Wed, 2010/05/19 - 12:21pm

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One maybe astonished when faced with a malfunction on one's Canon EOS. the camera is not responding to trigger and instead of shooting a frame, a flashing message pop-up on LCD indicating “ERROR99”. Some start by questioning the battery, CF card and lens mount, but it may prove to be worse.