[swy-net] Let's start the discussion about new SWYnet.

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Hi, everyone on the NEW SWYnet.

It's been a week since I posted the last mail about building
new SWYnet. I'm so happy that 23 members responded to my
request. Thank you very much for your voluntary participation
to the project.

----More convenient SWYnet system is ready! ------

As you may have noticed, this egroups system is far more
convenient than old system. Subscription and unsubscription
can be operated on the website or with easy mail sending.
This automatic system can lighten the burden of administration.

Moreover, the log file can be viewed on the web. We can use
Chat and Opinion poll system. (now this function is disabled)
Various useful communication systems can work! Very nice!

--- What can we do through the SWYnet? ----

Being different from other international mailing lists, we
SWYmembers have the common ground that is "Nippon Maru
experiences". Even though all of us weren't on the same ship,
most of the experiences we had are common, and that will
enable us to connect different SWY friends networks. SWYnet
can work as the HUB of the network beyond nationality or
race spreading all over the world.

But without the will and effort to make the most use of
this HUB, SWYnet will be just a network of nonsense talk.

What is lacking on the old SWYnet is this WILL. Each of
us needs to think about "how we should use this net". I think
UAE global reunion is a good example of the usage. They
gathered reunion members through the net.

We ourselves need to think and at the same time
encourage subscribers to think about it.

--- What should we do? ----

1) Composing guidelines (rules) of SWYnet.

2) Completing the text of description of SWYnet and welcome

3) Establishing Management team

The basic plan we have so far is shared on the old SWYnet.
One request of modification was presented by Abdullah. And,
Australian PY, VI sent me a good instruction used for SWY12

Following these grounds, let's discuss.

I really want the final version should be written by native English

Oh no, Now 2:30 am, I feel very sleepy. I must finish here.
I really hope any one of you will follow my post.

At present this new SWYnet is very small group. Please
feel free and relax. You can make ANY comments.

Bye for now. I must go to bed now.

Menjo (SWY8/10,Japan)
E-mail: menjo@msd.biglobe.ne.jp