[swy-net] Hello to SWY-net friends.

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Hello everybody,
I'm Masahide Morita. Call me Morita. I'm a 42-year-old man. I
participated in SWY 6 (1994) as a Japanese NL. On Feb. 2, I will become 43.

Well, when I try to recall the best memories of SWY, it's hard to single out
one. Six years have passed so quickly. Recalling memories is a kind of
sentimental jouney to good old days.

A sunset, especially a greenflash. I don't remember it was green or some
other color, but I still remeber excited voices of the Pys on the deck, when
the sun flashed instantly as it set down the horizon in the Indian Ocean.
Emerald green Maldives. Safari in Kennya. An excursion to Delphi in
Greece. British performance on the National Day. Omanian dance and
printing tatoo. Egyptian dance. Finnish vodka. Sunbathing on the deck.
Cheerful Egyptians during the Suez Canal cruise. Japanese pys' speech
contest to share their experiences, that was somewhat soul-searching
activity. Drinking beer at the Director Hino's suite. Yoga practice and
aerobics in the morning. Discussions on racial discrimination. Sri Lankan
tea. Farewells in Greece, Bombay, and Singapore. Much more is coming back
to my mind.

I now teach cross-cultural business communication, debating, international
business negotiations skills mainly to the Japanese businesspeople and
government offocials, both central and local at Sanno Institute of
Management. From time to time, I give a training sessions to non-Japanese
engineers and managers to do business with the Japaneses.

As I took part in another Program called the Ship for Southeast Asia Youth
Program in 1984, I have been actively involved in orgnizing the post-program
activities of the SSEAYP. Currently I serve the SSEAYP International as a
Secretary General. It's an alumni association of Japan, Brunei, Indonesia,
Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Every year, we
hold an alumni meeting in one of these countries since 1987. An alumni
association of newly participating countries of Asean, such as Cambodia,
Myanmmar and Laos, has yet to be fully established.

If you have any plan to visit any one of these countries, I think I can
introduce some of my friends there.

Nice to meet you all.

Masahide Morita