[swy-net] Hello my dear PYs

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Name : Adel Heneiber
Call me : Adel
Year & role : 1996 - SWY8 - PY
Group : B ( the Bezzzzzzzzz)
Gender : Male
Nationality : Yemeni
Profession : Pharmacist
Current Job : Pharmacist Manager

Address : 307 W 139th St. #2
New York, NY 10330
Tel. +1 212 368 1192

The best memories of SWY8: the group meeting, the discussion seminars, the
sport day, the Japanese and the Egyptian National day ... actually every
single second and minute in Nippon Maru (My dreams ship) has especial
memories from the first day till the last moment when I left the ship
sealing peacefully in the big ocean.