[swy-net] Before the discussion starts

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Hi, everyone!

Now we have 29 participants here. I really thank all of you for
willingly participating in the project of reforming SWYnet.

As you see on the webpage here,
participants are from different countries and different SWY programs,
and so mainly we don't know each other. What we share is only
Nippon maru experiences, isn't it?

In order to have active discussion where we can speak anything
freely like we did in Nippon Maru, removing the fear of speaking
out is important.

So, first of all I would like ALL of you to introduce yourself here and
this is the first step of speaking out.

I suggest the basic format of introduction. You can add anything on it.

Name: ..............
Call me .......
Nationality: .........
Gender: .......
Year of Participation: .......
The best memories of SWY: .......

Current Job: .......
E-mail :

Etc: .....

Well, let me introduce myself first, following this format.

Name: Yoshitaka Menjo
Call me Menjo. Easy to call, easy to remember
Nationality: Japan
Year and role: 1996(SWY8) PY (H group)
1998(SWY10) NL (M group)

The best memories of SWY:

SWY8, Food festival. Really successful. I, from AIchi
prefecture produced a good presentation of AICHI by a BINGO
game with so many presents.
SWY10, Offical Speech in Seyshelles. I made a offical
speech welcoming and thanking Seyshelles people. That
was my first experience with such a big audience. But, it
was really successful. Good experience.

Current Job: Officer of a teachers' union for private high
and jounior high school.
Tech manager

E-mail: menjo@msd.biglobe.ne.jp

Etc: My face resembles Mr. Bean(British comedy
show charactor). Craig from South Africa delegation firstly pointed it
out when he came to Japan 3 years ago! If you see Mr. Bean, please
remember another Mr. Bean is on the SWYnet.


Menjo (SWY8/10,Japan)
E-mail: menjo@msd.biglobe.ne.jp