[swy-net] Bahrain Reunion. v important

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HI everybody...

Reference to what was discussed earlier regarding the reunion in bahrain,
please note the following:

1. The reunion will take place in Bahrain between the 19th-22nd of March

2. You can get your entrance visa in the Airport (Bahrain Airport) within
few minutes upon ur arrival.

3. The package will include (Air Ticket + 3 stars Hotel + Breakfast)
will cost $250. Transportation, site seeing, & other programs will be
arranged by us... don't worry guys it's an swy entertainment program ...
wild and crazy.

4. Regarding the flight, booking is to be made thru Emirates Airlines
(Dubai-Bahrain-Dubai) 19th of March 2000, arrival 10 Am.

5. For departure there are many flights to dubai on the 22nd of March 2000 @
8,9,10 AM you can choose whatever is convenient.

6. The following Names are kindly requested to confirm their interest in
joining the reunion:

a. Mickey swy12 , Japan
b. Yushiro Yu swy10, Japan
c. Kazumi swy8, Japan
d. Natsuko Sugita swy10, Japan
e. R.Malik Advisor, swy10,12
f. Tamae Saito, swy10, Japan
g. Ayhan Evresel, swy4, Turky

If others are intrested, please confirm by 3rd of feb 2000.

please contact:
Maysa Al-Ansari,swy98@hotmail.com
Wafa Al-Ammadi, al-ammdi.w@arig.com.bh

0973-9682620 (mobile)