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One of the largest Capital cities of West Europe. It's museums, business district and buzzing downtown shows the remains of one of the largest empires humans ever had. London with its larger extent (Greater London) is the most populous city in EU at 2006 estimated at 7.5 millions in about 1500 Sq Km (as per Office for National Statistics).

Diversity of "Londoners"

Even for the most comsmopolitan city, London is a surprisingly diversified metropolitan for a truly multi-cultural residents. Ethnic groups (as per Demographia by 2009) are 69.4% White (British 58%, Northern Irish, and others), 3.5% Mixed (Black Caribbean & White, etc.), 13.1% South Asian (Indian 6.5%, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and others), 10.7% Black (African 5.5%, Caribbean, and others), and 3.4% East Asian or Other (Chinese 1.5%, and others) 

Visa for Egyptians

It's not part of Schengen Visa so the British embassy must be approached separately from rest of European visa. 

Some Egyptian-friendly Lodges in Central London

The list needs updates and more comments by users specially on prices and level of service. 

SerNameCommentsWeb and contactsDate FoundReasonable Rate (£) per night1Welby Lettings 2Hyde Park Radnor Bed & Breakfast 3See Comments 

Contact or call +44(0)7901678248

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2010-07-12 4See CommentsThis person rent rooms in his house. the house is in a good place near from undergroundLandline Tel: +442089940952 and mobile is +4479565267262010-07-1230 (€35) including dinner and breakfast.5Mostyn Hotel (Best Western)it's near Marble Arch and Edgware Road which are on the corner of Oxford Street and at the center of London cultural and shoopping zone.
Landline Tel: +44(0)20 7935 23612010-07-12 6 7 8