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>Name: Radwa SAAD.
>You can all call me Rudy.
>Nationality: Egyptian.

>Gender: female

>Age: well..how about..in the twenties..??

>Year of Participation: 1998-SWY10-H group

>Role: PY
>The best memories of SWY:
The ship for world Youth..was the best thing in my life..!
But I have to admit.,.I was very nervous at the Egyptian NPD,
as I had to perform a dance alone with my colleague..!
I was also so worried about the 1st Farwell party as I was the leader..but I
guess it was fine..!
Hey Guys..I miss the fun at the Piano Lounge..so let's go dancing tonight..!

>Current Job: I'm a dentist..so..feel free for any dental advice..! I'm
>also a resident at the faculty of Oral and Dental medicine ..Oral Medicine
>and periodontics dept..Suez Canal University.
I'm studying for my masters too..and working at a private dental clinic in
the after noon.
>E-mail: midorikaeru@hotmail.com
hope to find a lot of messages then..!

My big Family out there..I guess that's all for now..!
I want you to know..we have a very special thing in between so let's keep it

Radwa SAAD.
ICQ# 15738618
e-mail: midorikaeru@hotmail.com

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