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Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 01:38:34 +0900
Hi, everyone!

Name: Akiko Iwanami

Call me BETTY

Nationality: Japan

Gender: female

Year of Participation: 1999 (SWY12)

Role: PY ( A group, A's All right with me! )

The best memories of SWY:

I was on the ship just four months ago.
So even now, I sometimes feel I'm still on the ship.
The days are deeply imprinted in my mind.
I cherish every moment, of course.
As for my personal experience, I learned the traditional Japanese drum
before boarding, and performed it on NPD.
(Some of you know the yell "Hacchoi-sa! ", don't you?)
It's really good memory for me.

Current Job: Student

E-mail : attyon.iwanami@nifty.ne.jp

Etc: I'm often said I resemble "BETTY BOOP"--the character of Cartoon.
So it's my nickname not only in the ship but here in Japan.
Thanks to the nickname, everyone remember me.