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Dear Ghafri

Thank you for your fast response


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Dear Mohsen,

SWY-net is for all participants, administartors and instructors of Ship
World Youth programm of all years. What Mr. Menjo showed in his last
is an example of how this net will be managed. SWY12 net has an exelent

SWY6, Oman

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> >
> I am a new subscriber to this net, and I have a question: is the new
> for all SWY programs or for only some like SWY11, SWY12
> Bye
> Suhail Mohsen (Yemen)
> SWY 8 group J
> >>
>No Bro it's for all the PYs all over the world, am I right guys?
>Adel .^_^.
>SWY8 - Yemen
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