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Hello every body out there

I am a new subscriber to this net, and I have a question: is the new net
for all SWY programs or for only some like SWY11, SWY12

Suhail Mohsen (Yemen)
SWY 8 group J

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This is the very good instruction example used for SWY12 net,
presented by Vi (Australia SWY12) .



What Is It?
* A great way of keeping in touch with our brothers and sisters from

What Can We Use It For?
* This is a tool we can use to keep learning more about each other and
our cultures.
* We can continue the discussions we started on when we were together
on Nippon Maru.
* We can start new discussions on any topic that we want.
* This is your space...what do you want to do with it?

Are There Any Guidelines To Remember?
* YES!
* Be Polite!
* Only send messages that you want EVERYONE to read.
* Please don't send lots of pictures or large attachments - some of us
only have small inboxes, or use work computers.
* Please DO NOT send anything pornographic or offensive emails.
* Remember that we all have different levels of English Language Skills
- write your messages so that everyone can understand.
* Remember to "...Celebrate Diversity : Spirit of Tomorrow..."

How Does It Work?
* People who want to participate join the Mailing List.
* When you want to share information, ideas or news with everyone from
SWY11, you send it the Mailing List.
* Then, the Mailing List sends a copy to everyone who joined the List.

Who Can Join?
* Any PY, NL, Admin, Advisor or person that was involved with SWY11 can

Do I Have To Join The Mailing List To Send Messages To The Mailing List?
* Yes.

How Do I Join The Mailing List?
* Send a blank email to :
* Make sure you use the email account that you want to receive the
Mailing List messages to.

How Do I Leave The Mailing List?
* Send a blank email to :
* Make sure you use the email account that you were receiving the
Mailing List messages at.

I Have Questions, Or Need More Help
* Send your questions to :

How Do I Send A Message To Everyone On The Mailing List?
* Send your message to :

How Will The Messages Be Delivered To My Inbox?
* When you join, the Mailing List will send you a copy of every
individual message.

Can I Change The Way Messages Are Delivered?
* YES!

What Are My Delivery Options For Mailing List Messages?
* Individual Emails :- you will receive a copy of every individual
email sent to the Mailing List
* Daily Full-Text Digest : - you will receive 1 email each day. That
email will have all the messages sent to the Mailing List in the last
24 hours.
* Daily Summaries :- you will receive 1 email each day. That email will
only have the names of people who sent message to the Mailing List in
the last 24 hours and the subjects of those messages.
* Web Only : you will not receive any email from the Mailing List. BUT
you will be able to send messages to the Mailing List, and you can read
the messages sent to the Mailing List at the SWY11 Mailing List Webpage.

How Do I Change My Delivery Options?
* First, you need to be registered at the SWY11 Family Webpage. (see
instructions below if you haven't already registered)
* Go to the Egroups Website :
* Log in.
* The computer should take you to a page called "My Space".
* Near the bottom of the screen should be a list of Groups. Click on swy11 - SWY11 Family >
* The computer should take you to the SWY11 Family Webpage.
* Near the middle of the screen is a button called Subscription >. Click on it.
* The computer should take you to your subscription page. Choose the
"Delivery Mode" you prefer and then click the button.
* When you have finished using the SWY11 Family Webpage, click on the Logout > button in the top right corner of your screen.

How Do I Register At The SWY11 Family Webpage?
* Go the this website :
* Click on the button
* Follow the instructions that come up.

Does The SWY11 Family Webpage Have Other Features?
* Yes, there are some other tools at this webpage.
* You are welcome to explore them....if you get lost, just click on the
button or the button.

I hope you find this a useful service and will use it to help keep the
spirit of SWY burning.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to me.

Vi Lam,
List Manager

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