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General References

1-Al-Ahram Weekly Chronicles - Man of the desert

2-Al-Ahram Weekly Chronicles - The journey was its own reward

3-RGS (Royal Geographical Society) Gold Medals

Notes: (1) and (2) has some contradiction in the role of Rosita. It's worth mentioning that Dr Yunan (1's author) is a professional historian.


Ouenat Explained

4-UNESCO World Heritage Centre - Jebel Ouenat Technical Report

Note: from (4) you can download a pdf document that has excellent description of the why Ouenat is important for archaeology, and environment.


Egypt's History

5-PBS - Napoleon in the Egyptian Campaign

6-Egypt - Egypt under the Protectorate and the 1919 Revolution


British History

7-Social History 1920s to 1940s. Life between the Wars in England


1920s Culture

8-Victorian and 1920's Live Role-Playing - League-Company of Crimson

9-Art Deco


Libyan Desert History

10-The Libyan Desert: History of Exploration



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