Guidelines to Authors

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Few Guidelines apply as follows:

  1. Themes have to be useful to the Travelers in the Middle-east: localised to the best of the efforts of the Authors and fitting in the Place, and Biography cateogry.
  2. No copying from other sources: summaries accepted, but compiled from different sources are the best, written in your own words and based on your informants opinions. Mention of some of the important sources is necessary.

There are only 3 main types of Contents that are encouraged on at this stage. They're all of the collaborative type which teams can work on simultaneously. They are:

  1. Place Articles: are everything you wish to describe of a certain point on the map. Several articles may overlap (eg, Wadi Gharba, Sinai Massif, South Sinai) because at each article you observe and describe what is common all over it. Every part of the Place Article could be a small article on aspects of the area such as: physical geography and map of area, community and history of the community, origin of the name, local flora and fauna, how to get there and where to stay (may include links to full description in the lodges section)
  2. Biography Articles: life story of a single person with vital statistics, education, works and career phases. An good introduction should mention the few major facts that convinces readers of the significance of this person to a certain community, industry, or a nation.
  3. Institution Articles: all the facts and life story of an Institution. Mission, lists of key figures, address and contacts, etc. are welcome. Also, achievements and criticism.

Collaborative Articles are just a generic type for all of the above.

Other secondary types are:

  1. EcoLodges Database: avoid multinational Hotels which are well advertised. Use for those
    special atmospheres in special areas. All definitions of Ecolodges apply.
  2. How-To Article: is everything you've learnt by experience about a procedure. Getting visas, buying maps, registering a car for international traveling, preparing logistics for a 4x4 Safari, etc.
  3. Author-Locked Articles: personal impressions by a single-author on areas, or trips and which cannot be co-edited by other Safarists.

Enjoy the sharing! :)