Discussion Forum Guidelines

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Here are 'guidelines' for the discussions in the SaharaSafaris Club:

  1. No Politics nor Religion discussions (preaching);
  2. "Description" of Politics and Religion is ENCOURAGED;
  3. Not Any "description" goes (like, for example, most sexually- explicit material);
  4. Balance between all themes of descriptions is always needed;
  5. "Description" means anything written or photographed without an opinion of 'right' or 'wrong' about it; and finally
  6. All topics are ok to discuss with a condition that they are clearly related to a point on the map (eg, architecture in Rasheed (Rosetta), Icons history of St Catherine Monastery, folk-tales in Jebaleya tribe of South Sinai, novels based in siwa, Land Cruisers mechanics in Bahareya Oasis, etc.)

Here's In More Details

Politics are overly discussed in this world that it leaves little chance for other sides of our personalities to grow.

Obviously SaharaSafaris activities are not the only thing members do, and they are active in other activities as well. But they come and participate here because this is one of the few places left that helps them "grow" in the land they live in. There is no point to let it be contaminated by the frustrations and endless conflicts of opinions that politics means to most people.

Social responsibility is not only about dedicating your life to a certain cause. it's also about building a proper perception of life, people, and land that you can inspire to your kids and friends. Without that, all life is corrupted and societies die.

And that what SaharaSafaris fills at the most fundamental level. It's an on-going training. No teachers. Everybody just throw in a piece of info and thousands read it by forwards emails or other thousands find it on google (yes google points to our messages).

Info comes when people "describe" things they have seen in their safaris. This is how we learn. But if you include judgmental words like 'sad', 'wrong', in religion or politics, it means that you've moved from pure 'description' to pure religion or political. This is not allowed in the Discussion Forum of SaharaSafaris.

We also assume that if you describe something with enthusiasm, It doesn't mean that you're promoting it, or even that you like it, but that sometimes you understand it too well that your language shows interest in it. "Interest" in that sense doesn't mean that you're violating our rules. For example, some great Orientalists are experts on Islam but they're still Christians who are reading and explaining Islamic concepts with enthusiasm.

Generally, describing all sorts of things in life from smart shopping in Dubai to the religion of a pagan tribe in Africa in details is accepted here as long as it is well described that other safarists can use it in their next safaris. You don't have to go deep in Africa to tell interesting stories: your family's respect or fear from cats... no use of scissors by nights... and other strange traditions could be investigated and compared here after learning it from grand-mothers.

Finally, the reason why everything has to be related to a point on the map is simple. It means we discuss what we can collect information about it ourselves and what we can visit in the field.

Generally you can educate us about anything on SaharaSafaris, and if there's anything not suitable about it, I'll let you know. :)

All the above including the guidelines at the begining, are only guidelines. I have not and can not make fixed rules here at this stage. but they should cover 99% of the cases.

Please remember that all here is mentioned in good faith and in attempt to make this an effective learning and sharing environment. Everything here is subject to change without notice.