How to Plan Food for Trips

Submitted by Molta on Thu, 2010/01/21 - 11:28am

Even if you're not a big fan of food, planning of meals and quantities of food and water and beverages, and how to carry them remains an essential skill which can make your trip much fun, or put you and your friends at the risk of food severe shortage that may indeed cause you to cancel trip.

How to Sell Your Car

Submitted by Molta on Fri, 2009/05/22 - 1:44pm

This article offers some practical tips into making your car more sellable if you ever decided time is up for a new one. It's sort of a brief essay that advices you, in organized steps, how to decide on selling your car; starting with pricing, fixing it if needed, putting it out for sale, negotiating the price, and last finalizing needed legal documents. You will find those tips usable for whichever place you’re in. As for registry details and procedures mentioned here, they are more oriented towards those who happen to live in Egypt.

Jeep 2005

2005 Jeep Liberty in brand new condition, fully equipped with:

Type of item
4x4 Car
LE 220000
<p> Ashraf El Guindy mobile 011 405 0000 e-mail <a hraf=""></a> </p>

Toyota land cruiser RJ70 for sale

I am selling my Toyota Land Cruiser RJ 70 (2doors-SWB) in perfect condition with details below:-
-Model 1988 - RJ 70
-Engine Code 22R (2366C.C, 4 cylinder)
-2 Doors
-Power Steering
- 2 spare tires
-New Monroe Shock Absorbers front & rear
-New Battery
-New Clutch
-New exhaust
Type of item
4x4 Car
LE 80000
For further questions please contact me via phone on # 010-5444437

Safaris Plans Ideas

Submitted by Mabrouk on Mon, 2008/03/24 - 6:43pm

The following are just the labels of some destinations or scenic routes. For details search the archives of SaharaSafaris Forum or throw a question there.

4x4ing (1-day)

NOTE: Leaders must be reputed to follow with Standards and judge your capabilitiesor you may risk death! Never go with untrusted Leaders 


Submitted by Mabrouk on Wed, 2008/01/23 - 1:55pm

This is a general-purpose Checklist for use in most Safaris preparations in Egypt and perhaps anywhere. Find here a list for you to compare to yours (and add to if you're subscribed).