Short Nile cruise/Snorkeling

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Will be going to Egypt. This will be Bill's first trip, and Dea's second. Bill is a Web site and LAN manager for our city and Dea is an Administrative Clerk at a local community college. Dea is also a performer and teacher of Oriental Dance.

Some of the things we are interested in doing on this trip include:
Snorkeling in the Red Sea (shore access); Short Nile cruise to see the temples between Aswan and Luxor; possible side trip to Abu Simbel; traveling the Western desert loop; In Cairo, the usual sights (Egyptian Museum, pyramids, bazaar, etc.) as well as going to see the top dancers (*Lucy*, Fifi, Dina, etc.)

We would like to stay in an affordable but clean hotel. We are looking forward to experiencing the magic of Egypt and making new friends during our travels.

Please write to us if you would like - we look forward to hearing from others!

Bill and Dea

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