Shellaweyya: My net friends

First written by susanhassona and 0 others, on Mon, 2000/11/27 - 6:21pm, and has been viewed by unique users

Dear net Friends:
There is a special someone
Who lives across the net
That you've become quite fond of
Although you've never met.
You talk for sometimes hours;
You laugh and sometimes cry;
There are even times that you don't
See things eye to eye.
But yet you're always happy
And very glad to see
A message from this someone
Whoever they may be.
And in return you share with them
Your thoughts and dreams to them you send
You have found what we all need-
A very special friend!

el-shella has done a great job and I really feel that there have been
already alot of friends through this group.

Good luck

**Comment From The Moderators**
Thank you so much Susan for your sweet poem to us, yes we have all made lots of great friends here, many are more like extended family now all over the world, in this Holy Season, we pray we will all enjoy love, peace, and good health.