Shella Ramadan Outing soon?

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Hi Sahar hi Mohamed,
i heard about Ramadan outing that u always shellaweya do from one of your
reply Sahar to one of the shellaweya, as iam a new member just few months
ago, so i will be happy me and my husband (as my husband is one of the
shellaweya too) to attend the outing of this year and to "ataraf aliko
koloko" i will really be very happy to see u all and to attend this outing
hope i won't miss it.

thank u sahar and mohamed for all what u did and all what u are doing for el-shellaweya everywhere. kol sanna we antom tayebeen.
hope meeting with u soon.
Heba Talaat

**Comment From The Moderators**
Thank you very much dear Hala, and you're most welcome with your family and friends to join Shella events. Yes we are currently looking at offers to hold the BIG Annual Shella event for: Ramadan/Christmas/ New Year, normally it is towards the 3rd weekend of Ramadan so Shellaweyya from abroad here for Christmas can join us. Please feel free to suggest places, we will send the guidelines in a next email. Thank you for your spirit, and Happy Holy Season to all Shellaweyya. Sahar & Mohamed El-Nadi, El-Shella Founders & Moderators.