Re: Gender issues

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Dear Hoda,

I've read your messages so many times and I actually wanted to take
sometime thinking about them in order to give a propoer answer.

First of all I guess we all believe strongly that el shella is a big
lovely family for all of us, and exchanging opinions will never as we
say in Arabic Yofsed lelwed Qadia! I do not understand why some
people took some of the replies as attacks and sometims personal
attacks! I do not think that this is or was ever the case.

As a second response to your email, I never tried to say that women
have reachd their status thanks to men or wheather they are open or
narrow minded. If you go back to your emails and my response, I guess
you will find that you have contradicted your self a lot.

I would like to emphasise the fact that women liberty is NOT
imaginery in the Arab world, women here DO NOT think of food and
sleeping only all the time, it is NOT TRUE that men like strong women
but do not marry them anyway!! (a bit waerd statement but ok!), it is
NOT TRUE that culture and tradition made Arab women brainless!!!!

Am sorry Hoda but all the above is just not true!

Do not take it that personal and this is not an attack as some might
describe it, I just think that it is not fair to blame others when we

What is tradition and culture in the Arab world?? it is you, me, my
friend, your father, my mother, her brother, his grandpa and so on.

And this does not apply on women only, it applies also on men.

Regards and all the best to all

Maha Yassine

--- In, Hoda Sobhi wrote:
> Morning everybody out there,
> I am writing this message Responding the messages were posted to
the group
> for the few last days regarding the issue (men & women)
> I understand that the aim of this group is to make suggestions
about what
> everyone as individual think.
> For Noura Ismail, I would like to know what kind of women did you
mean when
> you said that women have all the right to keep their salaries ??
thank you
> for enlighten us, as i was talking about the middle class people. I
don't think it's a privilege to speak my mind freely through the
internet, unless expressing the opinion is a crime nowadays.
> For Maha Yassine, I agree with you that women have gained a lot
> years but it has no thing to do with men and being wither open-
minded or
> narrow-minded.
> For Emad Mohsen ( Germany !!) it was not my intentions to attack
men since i
> don't accuse men for the situation we are up to. Although I was
attacked by
> whom I was defending as I would have injured their honor, or maybe
I hit the
> right nerve ??
> Furthermore I pronounce that I did say at no time that we have to be
> Westerners or forget our routs but our problem in every thing
around us in
> this part of the world that we often think with our emotions
instead of our
> brains, and very resistant to change.
> Great day,
> Hoda Sobhi
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