Re: Dr. Nowara: How can we Lose weight?

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Hi all Shella members and kol sana wento tayebeen gidan wo be?7air awy :)
Ramadan Kareeeem & let?s not eat too much :)
Dear Sahar and Moe, I?d love to go out for an outing in Ramadhan, I think it
would be thrilling :)

Dear Dr. Hany Nawara,

Thanks for your feedback, although it made me more interested in your weight
losing method, but here my fingers froze before the keyboard since then :(

We shellaweya, are rich in mind and manners, but who spoke about money now?
:)))The amount of money for the operation is really scary, are they supposed to
be paid in one shot or in installments? What about the follow up, does it have other expenses? You said that extra overweight people might pay more than LE16,000, so what about those who would like to lose 25 or 30 kilos maximum?

What is the range of discount for shellaweyyas???
For example, Dentist Dr. Amr Aboul Ezz has made a 25% discount, and a free consultation session in his clinic, would you present us (overweight shellaweya) a free public presentation to advise us about the whole thing? We promise to be polite and not to interrupt :)))))
I?d like to thank you again for your time and efforts.
My Youssef "Mayouya"