Ramadan Kareem Ya Shellaweya :-)

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Dear Shellaweya & Shellaweyat,

As you all know it is the holy month of Ramadan and many http://www.el-Shella.com members are sending their Ramadan greetings to be distributed to all members, and since we just passed the mark of 178,000 members and site visitors so far, it is becoming impossible to do so.

As a solution we'll gather them through Ramadan and send them with the names of original senders in the end of each week or so.

Thank you all for being part or our big Global Friendly Egyptian eCommunity, and to all who sent their greetings including:

o Tarek Saied, Sales Sector Manager, IIS
o Rasha Abdel, Denmark
o Tarek Abaza, New Zealand
o KAMAL, Ahram Beverages
o Amy El-Tobgy
o Eng. Emad Adel Mahmoud
o Waheed El Tom
o Amit Mahajan
o Noha Mishmishah
o Nahed Mourad
o Mostafa El Zoghby
o Mirette Ghobrial
o Dalia Rashdan
o Weam Amer
o Akram Shalaby
o Doaa Bondo2a
o Susan Hassona
o Noaman El Aasser