Let me in

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Alsalam Alaikom

Hi everyone, I've just joined el-shella community, I heared a lot about this community, I hope I'll be useful to all members. Also I'm happy to see such site established by Egyptians to be the most attractive arabic community on the web, thank you for this. I'm married, have one chiled her name is (Zainab), I work in the UAE University 4 years ago.

I wish you all the best. Regards,
Ahmed Elbana

**Comment From The Moderators**
Welcome to El-Shella Ahmed, both to you and your small family, and thank you very much for your sweet compliments to our work, we hope to continue serving Egypt and Egyptians always insha'allah. You're lucky to be in UAE: the Shella branch there is the most active after the HQ in Cairo, you're most welcome to join their family activities, and we wish everyone a Happy Ramadan. Sahar & Mohamed El-Nadi, El-Shella.com Founders & Moderators.