Happy to know El-Shella exists :)

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Hiiii everyone:
i'm a new memeber in El-Shella.com,but i was so happy to know that
there's such a nice group here in egypt..So i really congratulate u
all for this brilliant idea...And i hope i become a helpful and
welcomed friend to u all..I'm AMIRA .From egypt...20 years old..In
2nd year of engineering fac,cairo university..
Hoping to recieve messages from u all sooooon..



hi amira:
nice to have you here in the shella. i am graduated this year from cairo university ,faculty of engineering,communication, which departement r u in?
if u need any help i could help u isa. i hv friends in all of the departement so i could help u if u need anything.
bye. shymaa

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Hi folk,
i think we ( CUFE "Cairo University Faculty of Engineering" members) are a lot here....
anyway, nice to find people from the same place you were studying at.
by the way, i still study there although i am graduated :)

Ahmed El-rashidy
Computer Engineer "Year 2000 Graduated from CUFE"

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