El-Shella in Etisalat El Yom Newspaper

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Salaam and Ramadan Kareem to all,

This is a quick note to let you know that El-Shella (http://www.el-shella.com ) is featured over a color full page with pictures today (Monday November 27th 2000/ Ramadan 1st) in Etisalat El Yom Newspaper (or "Telecommunication Today") which is a very far-reaching regional technology-publication sold with El 3alam el Yom (or "The World Today") in itself a very respectable Business Publication.

The article has details of our recognition in Dubai Internet City,International Media coverage, and there are even quotes from the emails of some of you as well. In case you couldn't catch a copy in time, we will scan the article for our Press & Media section (http://www.el-shella.com) within the coming few days, in a addition to a translated clipping in English for all of you to read.

We'd like to extend a big thank you to the editorial staff of Etisalat El Yom, especially Technology & Internet Editor Mr. Ahmed El-Sharkawi, and researchers/ writers Shereen El Hamaymy & Mohamed Karim, they have all very honestly, objectively and thoroughly represented the true mission and spirit of El-Shella.com and its members around the world. In their rich article, you'll find a lot of funny stories dug up from El-Shella History over the past two years.

We were flattered to find the key words describing El-Shella revolved around: "pioneering, unique, clean, quality content, High Caliber of members, and unique family spirit".

As we look forward to hearing your comments, we thank you all for being loyal Shella Members, Consultants, and Enthusiasts, and we wish you all a very happy and prosperous Holy Season.

Sahar El-Nadi
Editor & Image Consultant
El-Shella.com co-Founder & Content Manager