Any Shellaweya in Zurich, Switzerland

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Hi all,

I have just moved to Zurich, Switzerland on January this year coming
from Egypt. I wonder if there are any shella members here. I would also
appreciate it much if someone could provide me with some info about
Egyptian and Arabs community centers or gatherings in Zurich.

Thank you all for your feedback.


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Good Morning El Shella in all over the world
Happy Easter for all of you,

Hello Ashraf
Hope you are doing well in Zurich, and enjyoing the sunnydays after long cold winter,
Am in Geneva but i have some Egyptian friends in zurich and basel that could be a help for you, if you allow me i will forwerd your email to them,
Geneva is not far from Zurich you should visit it once and i will be happy to show you arround ,

you can write to me directly to my email.

have a nice day


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