Jeep Cherokee XJ

Jeep Cherokee XJ (1996-2001) are one of the most successful Jeep Cherokee models for desert offroading in Egypt.



Light, powerful, rigid (although unibody) and plenty of aftermarket parts for optimization. In this article, we collect all the how-to avoid and enhance the performance of this car specifically for Sahara offroaders.

Ras elHomar

Peter Gaballa --an Egyptian-- has interestingly set up FJ45 that once used to be a pick-up. Prepared for deep desert travelling while catering for up to 30 people in the desert up to 10 days!! Once driven, "Ras El Homar" (or "Donkey's Head" in English) with a full load of just under 4 tons, and it will never let one down for those great miles in the western desert. She has a double Chassis with a re-enforced one built inside the original.

How to drive onroad in Egypt for 4x4 Caravans

Submitted by Mabrouk on Sun, 2010/11/21 - 3:10pm

Driving for any trip in Egypt has to go through the hassle of Egyptian roads. From our records, it seems that most of our Safaris have higher risks driving on-road than off-road. This article is intended for those who are driving their 4x4s in a caravan/train/convoy of any sort on roads but will be very useful for any others as well.

Parking on Edges of Highways

It's not safe to park on the right side of road outside lates because some of the fastest cars sometimes choose this lane to pass others in desperate situations.