Sales-Marketing Executive

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Send CV with cover letter to Sheikh Mousa ( ) and Mohamed Mabrouk ( )

Sheikh Sina ( ) is looking for a full-time Sales/Marketing Executives.

ShS (Sheikh Sina) is seeking team-players who will work as Sales/Marketing Executives (based mainly in Cairo) and speak German and English (native tongue preferred). The Sales/Marketing Executive will work in promoting the Sinai Treks and other Products of ShS to various targeted organizations in Germany, UK, and sometimes in Egypt. He/She should be:

  • curious, results-oriented, and achiever
  • have very good written and spoken communication skills in German and/or English on emails, formal writing, presentations and on the phone
  • have planning abilities and the flexibility to achieve the plan in time and within cost
  • appreciate Camel Treks in Sinai and Bedouin culture and can work full-time in Cairo and travel to Katrina when needed
  • working experience in Marketing and Sales activities including some research, preparing information-kits, answering queries on emails and sometimes on work-phone, etc.
  • experience in the Tourism business with German and UK agencies is a plus

The job will last for at least 6 months with occasional visits to Katrina for meetings, and require that the applicant owns a Laptop with Microsoft Office. All communication/material costs will be covered and some of the transportation.

If interested, please email ASAP to Sheikh Moussa ( ) and Mohamed Mabrouk ( ) your CV, with an email outlining your special skills in relation to Sales and Marketing which will be of benefit to the Sheikh Sina, and your availability.