Mt. Sina

Breakfast 20 le

Lunch 25 le

Dinner 40 le

Hiking guides are 100 le for easy-intermediate hikes such as Gabal Mousa and Wadi el arbe3en and 180 le for harder routes such as Gabal St.Catherine.

4x4 Taxi from the Bedouin camp is 50 le for a one way trip. Ask Mohamed in reservations to arrange for your transportation if you do not have a 4x4. You can leave your sedan in front of the Bedouin camp.

Arrive in St Catherine town first then take road off Esab3eya which ends and continue off roading in Wadi Esba3eya till you reach location mentioned in Description below. Or renting a 4x4 taxi from the Bedouin camp at St.Catherine
Method to Get There: 
4x4 advised
+20 11 36 22 225 or
Cost Per Night: 
Single room 50 le, Double room 80 le, Triple room 120 le, Camping area 20 le per person.

How to Do Hiking in Egypt

Hiking is a good reward you may want to give to your soul, but it’s also tough and sometimes challenging if not to some extent dangerous. This post is meant to provide some practical tips to make your hiking experience as enjoyable and safe as you wish it to be- with some guidelines related to preserving the mountains ecosystem and natural beauty.

Bear in mind that the following tips are basically associated with hiking terrains in Egypt in general, and the Graceful mountainous region and natural protectorate of St. Katherine in particular.


This location hosts one of the most unusual temples from ancient Egypt (Arabic: أبيدوس). It has one of the most preserved and --in some people's opinion-- the most impressive temple in Egypt, it is a must see. It's located in Markaz elBalyana, Sohag Governorate (Arabic: مركز البلينا - محافظة سوهاج) on the western border of the Nile and the temple is at the desert directly on the verge of the fertile land. The location is very near the border of Qena Governorate.

Kharga Oasis

As the closest of the oases to the Nile Valley, Al-Kharga used to have the unenviable role as a place of banishment for mischievous Nile Valley citizens. Its remote location, punishing summer heat and destructive winds mean the oasis was synonymous with misery and exile. It may seem strange then that its chief town, Al-Kharga, was chosen as the capital of the New Valley Governorate in the 1950s.

Gebel Tarboush Orientation

Dear All

The Orientation for the hike of Traboush will be on the 19th of December at 7:30 pm at Retro cafe in Mohandseen 


Gebel Tarboush hike

Dear All
Yes it has been a long  time since I organized any  hiking trips, however  I planning  for a  hike to Gebel Tarboush. This hike is planned to be  from 6th till the 9th of Jan. for those who are intreseted please email me offlist or call me on 0123185258
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How to buy from web in Egypt

Buying web items in Egypt is becoming easier now with many affordable shipment options. This article discusses (and as usual allows updates) the shipment methods and costs of Customs, Sales Tax and the possible review by authorities for medicine, food, and publications.

How does it work?

In most cases you find something you like to buy on a trusted website (eg, and think of ordering with your Credit Card.

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