Jeep Cherokee XJ

Jeep Cherokee XJ (1996-2001) are one of the most successful Jeep Cherokee models for desert offroading in Egypt.



Light, powerful, rigid (although unibody) and plenty of aftermarket parts for optimization. In this article, we collect all the how-to avoid and enhance the performance of this car specifically for Sahara offroaders.


The second largest city in Egypt after Cairo and a major city in the history of ancient Egypt.

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"The best unspoiled travel destinations in the world" this is what the National Geographic Magazine has named the fjords; the deep saltwater along the narrow western inlet coast of Norway with steep sides, which is often formed by glacial actions, it is also featured on the UNESCO World Heritage list and considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of Nature.
Fjords of Norway 


The most famous destination for backpackers in South-East Asia.

Quick facts:

Visa: free of charge but you have to apply from country of residence, gives you 2 months from the arrival date

Time zone: GMT +7

Location, Boarders: South-East Asia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia

Capital: Bangkok

Language: Thai language

Religion: Buddhists, significant Muslim minorities in the south

thailand map


The cleanest city in the world, Singapore developed from being just a port in a British colony to become one of the world’s most metropolitan cities.

Quick facts:

Visa: apply at the country of residence. (needs some paperwork)

Time zone: GMT +8

Location, Boarders: South-East Asia, Malaysia & Indonesia

Capital: Singapore

Language: English, Mandarin, Malay & Tamil


Land of the Angkor Wat and the Khmer empire, it suffered from a horrific past (during Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot’s era) but

it is regaining its consciousness and becoming one of the must visit destinations in the world.

Quick facts:

Visa: 30 days on arrival for 30 USD

Time zone: GMT +7

Location, Boarders: South-East Asia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam

Capital: Phnom Penh

Language: Khmer


Laid back country to relax and ease your mind.

Quick facts:

Visa: 30 days on arrival for 30 USD

Time zone: GMT +7

Location, Boarders: South-East Asia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China

Capital: Vientiane

Language: Lao, English and French are widely spoken in touristic areas

Religion: Buddhists

Currency: Lao Kip, 1USD = 8030kip

laos map


Paris is the Capital of France and the largest of its cities (communes in France). Paris is also the capital city of the Region Île-de-France (a.k.a. Région Parisienne (the Paris Region)).

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