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Paris is the Capital of France and the largest of its cities (communes in France). Paris is also the capital city of the Region Île-de-France (a.k.a. Région Parisienne (the Paris Region)).


Art & Museum

If you are into art & museums and you then you must visit the Louvre and Versaille (you can get both tickets from the tourist information kiosk at Guard du Nord instead of standing in the long queue on site for buying the ticket). The tickets are valid for any day for a single day use and you stamp the date on the door.

Versaille ticket costs 18 Euro - closes on MONDAY - open 09:00 and closes 18:30 (You will need to buy an extra ticket to get there as it is on the suburbs of Paris for 6 Euro both ways)
Louvre ticket costs 10 Euro - closes on TUESDAY - open 09:00 - 18:00 except on wednesday till 22:00

Boat in the Seine

It goes in the Seine river with a guide explaining the history of surrounding buildings and bridges for 1 hour cruise by day time. The "Navette Batobus" 14 euro or "Bateau Mouche" 11 euro


You can visit Notre Dame de Paris (4ieme - Metro line 4 station cite) and Sacre-Coeur Basilica (Monmartre area - 18ieme - Metro line 4 - Station Barbes Rochechouart).

NB: In Sacre-Coeur you can use the Navigo Card to get up the hill with the rail shuttle, if you don't want to walk it, then go down the stairs by foot easier.



  • Jardin du Luxombourg (6ieme - Metro line 4, station Odeon)
  • St. Germain & St. Sulpice churches (6ieme - Metro 4, station St. Germain des Pres)
  • Rue de Reine shops (6ieme - Metro 4, station St. Germain des Pres)
  • Montparnasse Center (at the end of rue to reine street... but be prepared to walk, you can check the shops on both sides till you reach it)
  • Medaille Miraculeuse church (140 rue de bac - 7ieme - closed 13:00 to 14:30).
  • St. Marie Madeline Church (8ieme - station Madeleine)
  • Gallery Lafayette center (9ieme - Metro station Opera (just behind the opera)
  • La Conciergerie; the hostage of Marie Antoinette & others during revolution & Saint Chapelle connected to it with very beautiful stained glass work allover the church (4ieme - Metro line 4 - Station Cite) you can see both for a ticket of 11 Euro but it has to be early morning 09:30 to avoid the long queue.