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Blue Lagoon

if you go from nweba3, you need 4x4 car, if you go from dahab, you will go to Blue Hole, then take camel to Ras abu galum, then car to blue lagoon. the car rent from nweba3 300 LE, camel from blue hole 50, and the car from abu galum to blue lagoon around 40. dont expect much service, and beware of drugs use, but also there is amazing kite surfing and wind surfing inside the camp.

Abu Galloum
Method to Get There: 
4x4 advised
Owner Gomaa's number :01003753340
Cost Per Night: 


Basata is simply the first ecolodge in Egypt with true credentials for the 'eco' label. It's the most famous of this category in Egypt for Egyptians and international travellers alike with its own special beach and very immersive community experience. 


PRICES (captured 2014-11-22 from website)

Prices for residents in Egypt are different from travellers with no-residence visa in Egypt. Also, there are special prices for single-women.

For Foreigners with no residence in Egypt 

Camping area

24 km north of Nuweiba, 42 km south of Taba. N 29.20706 / E 034.73523 (+29° 12' 25.4", +34° 44' 06.8")
Method to Get There: 
Road (excellent track for normal cars)
Phone 0020 69 3500480 Phone 0020 69 3500481 email
Cost Per Night: 
CAMPING AREA: 12 EUR / night/ person --- HUT: 20 EUR / night / person --- SINGLE: 23 EUR / night / person ---- CHALET: 80 EUR/ night for up to 3 persons. 20 EUR/ night/ extra person
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