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How to prepare Grand Cherokee WK for Sahara Offroading

Grand Cherokee is one of the spin-offs of Jeep generations to provide handling of the rugged terrains but in interior luxury. It's a mid-sized SUV that has stemmed out of the Cherokee series which was more on the compact SUV. Grand Cherokees have evolved from Jeep ZJ 1993, to WJ 1999, to the last generation of WK in 2005. WK has been revamped in 2010 but with high consistency that it's sometimes called WK2.




WK2 with winch

How to prepare Toyota Fortuner for Sahara Offroading

Toyota Fortuner is a rising star in the offroading scene in Egypt. It inherited the formidable design of the amazing hilux, the reliability of Toyota, the offroading experience of the Land Cruiser and the comfort of the Japanese designs.

To take it offroad, one has to:


GPS Smartphones

GPS realm has moved from standalone devices such as Garmin and Tomtom, to Smartphones with OSs such as iOS, Android and Windows.

Famous Apps now exist on each platform benefiting from the hi-tech technologies available on Smartphones and were never feasible on standalone GPSs (eg, gyroscopes). But in the overall, Android Apps seems to be a lot more advanced than other OSs. Few stands up for the outdoors such as:


How to Buy a Bike in Egypt

Biking is not that common in Egypt among adults, but sure it's booming. That's why some experienced bikers decided to write this page. To save time and help promote the idea to a wider audience in the Club of SaharaSafaris and beyond.


Jeep is the first offroad vehicle ever built and was first introudced by americans as a military light vehicle as first 4x4. Now the brand is the most established name anywhere in the world for a 4x4. It makes the native name in many languages including Egyptian "Jebb" for any 4x4.


Method to Get There: 
4x4 advised
Sheikh Jamil Atteya 01001324693
Cost Per Night: 
EGP 120 per person including 3 meals
Wadi Gharba, Sheikh Awaad. South Sinai. Egypt. Or go to:,33.896732
"After about half an hour of driving on-road then another half off-road from St Catherine's city, all worries all concerns all wants seemed distant. Now I am parking the car in elTarfa oasis where the Bedouin Taxi Jeep was waiting to get me offroading across the mountains to reach this isolated Bedouin resort with my friends. No sea nor beaches. Just the Sinai wild footpaths zigzagging between the mountains with their wild beauty to lose ourselves into with the guides from the tribe of the Bedouin manager Jameel Atteya. The Egyptian mountains seemed unreal. This is all new to me."
That's what a friend once wrote me about his experience when he first went there. AlKarm is the name of the Mountain Ecolodge in Sinai and is managed and owned by Jebaleya tribesman Jameel Atteya

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